Happy Freezing Tuesday

So Dublin does get snow! pity the freezing rain won’t stay away though, time to wrap up well – and what’s funny ? Pennys in O’Connell Street are selling bikinis!

NessyProductions is getting closer to being officially launched and I’ve been asked to do my first official music video which is great.. Once all the details are confirmed I’ll post all.. have a few meetings coming up shortly as regards a few shorts and stuff so the next few weeks should be fun.

I saw ‘The Good, The Bad and The Weird’ on Saturday morning, Recommend anyone to go see it! Those Crazy ass Koreans know how to make me laugh! Really enjoyed it!

Off to Berinale on Friday morning, if the airport can remain open! Looking forward to it now but please tell me who says you can survive with hand luggage for 4 days especially when you’re lucky if it gets above freezing. We’ll all have to dress in layers like Heidi! Friday is a special day in Berlin, its the 20th anniversary of the last person who was shot trying to get across the Wall.. makes ye think!

I’m also getting back into writing proper like.. and I’ll be doing some reviews for www.musicreviewunsigned.com I’ll start a page here on this too for all of that. I might also put some reviews I did before and articles I wrote for Freeflow Magazine on Morello and Mike Got Spiked… I also did an interview for ISH magazine, the one that never got to the secong issue, with the legend that was John ‘Irish’ Earle,  I also have that on minidisc I might get it out and stream it – The list of people that John played with was amazing, he was a true gentleman, sorely missed

Photos and other nice suprises coming soon.. hope the thermals are clean