Guns n Roses: Dublin Self Destruction ?

Guns N RosesI’ve been a fan of Guns n Roses since I first heard Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child O’Mine on pirate radio in 1987. Saw them through a hedge at Slane in 92 because I sneaked out of a new job and wasn’t supposed to be left the premises. Saw them here in 06, surprised when it started on time. This time I didn’t get to see them, being a poor broke student and not getting a press pass which I had hoped for.

So William decides not to go on stage in the 02 til 22.25, there’s a lot of boooing and then some throwing of beer and plastic bottles from the crowd, which really isn’t nice and if you were a real fan you wouldn’t be doing this, if he was late. Axl is a bit eccentric, but we all are in our own way. He asked for the throwing to stop and he told the audience that the band would leave the stage. And he did.

After some pleading from the promoters MCD who issued a statement this morning, the band reappeared and played the remainder of the gig. Here’s the fun part. Some ‘fans’ left. They left complaining that the gig was too short, this was terrible, they wanted refunds and called Adrian Kennedy on FM104.  Twitter was awash with the hashtag #gnr and the people that left were still complaining.

They were complaining that much that they didn’t notice or care that the band had actually come back out on stage. The current GNR played the remainder of the gig and the ‘fans’ that had left wanted to get back in. Doesn’t it normally say ‘NO RE-ENTRY’ on tickets?

I’ll probably get a few haters for this but TOUGH!! What did you think you were buying into when you spent €70 on a ticket ? Westlife or Daniel O’Donnell. It’s the same crap that people were complaining about when Pink performed Oh My God Live. It’s not for 7 year olds so don’t bring them.

There’s a reason why Axl still, despite being late and having a Diva reputation still attracts the crowds. It’s because he’s the last proper Rock N Roll Star.

Our society has become so PC and so full of bubblegum crap all the time that the general public seem to freeak the fcuk out if anything out of the norm happens. Get over it.

Lastly, if you or I went to our daily grind and got bottles and plastic glasses of unknown substances thrown at us, you’d walk off too. Remember Kings of Leon left the stage not so long ago over some birdshit.

Far from being Axl’s self destruction this was his self preservation. What happened last night, from accounts of my brother and my godson did not need to happen. If you’re not a fan of GNR why the hell did you go? No true fan, knowing the history of  the band would have been booing or throwing missles once Axl came onto the stage.

This incident has brought Dublin to the headlines, again for the wrong reasons. Our little island needs a fcuking wakeup call. People have become so insular and self absorbed, a whole new attitude is needed.

In the video pasted below you can hear the audience cursing and shouting profanities at the stage. Disgraceful twats. I wouldn’t put up with it, I wouldn’t expect anyone else to either.