Green River Ordinance: Come On Review

Green River Ordinance

It seems lately that everywhere you look artists are not giving, almost throwing their music at you for free. While we all know that illegal downloading is on rise and with money being tight worldwide, people are more conscious about what they so with their hard earned cash so using a FREE track from an album to promote a band is a good idea.. as long as its a decent song!!

But when ex American Idol contestant, Chris Daughtry, suggests on Twitter that you download the free new single from Green River Ordinance, its enough of a recommendation for a curious mind to seek it out.

‘Come On’ is the free download single from Texas based, Green River Ordinance who are signed to Virgin Records.

Describing the genre of the song, it’s probably Rock a la Nickelback with a dash of country. Its not a million miles away from Daughtry, or from David Cook who the band have been touring with. The vocals kick in at a nice tight three seconds. Its a mid to uptempo track and for a free download this is one of the better promotional tools I’ve seen.

I’ve listened to the track a few times now and it’s definitely a grower! It’s enough for me to want to check out their album ‘Out Of My Hands’.

Go to and sign up to the band’s mailing list to get your free mp3..

You could do a hell of a lot worse!

Here’s the video for the track:
Direct Link to YouTube:

…nessy out!