Glee: What’s all the Fuss about?


TV producers on this side of the Atlantic were smart, show the Pilot episode of Glee just after the X Factor final, big audience prime time weekend. This would have been ok if they had to show episode two the following week. Instead on a few occasions over Christmas we had to sit through reruns of the pilot episode again and again. January comes and they again shoe the pilot, move on already.. I know all the dance moves.

So what is Glee? The show that has taken America by storm? Yeah we hear that about a lot of shows and its not always true. So far I’ve watched up until Episode 13, Sectionals.. ooh what happens?

Glee follows Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), a High School Teacher trying rekindle his own Glee Club days, However his current Glee Club members feature kids who are marginalized in school so he tries to recruit some jocks.

glee cast

As the series progresses Glee deals with teenage pregnancy, bullying, sexuality and lust issues all set to the back drop of the ‘New Horizons’ club.

Created by Ryan Murphy, the man also behind Nip/Tuck, Glee is more than a more grown up High School Musical. The cast is of varying backgrounds featuring one off appearances in Heroes and Smallville to the excellent Jane Lynch, who stars as Cheerios Coach Sue Sylvester. Lynch has previously starred as the shrink in ‘Two and a Half Men’ as well as appearing in The L Word and voicing characters for American Dad and The Cleveland Show. Kudos must go to Jayma Mays for her portrayal of teacher Emma Pillsbury.

It’s not a bad show, the musical arrangements are good and as the series moves on the stories and characters become more intwined. If only the TV execs would put on episode 2.. thank God for the internet. Not a bad 40 mins viewing even if its just to escape the cold outside.

Psst! Rumour has it that the legend that is Joss Whedon is going to direct and episode 🙂

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