Glee: What went wrong with the new episodes?


Before anyone attacks me, I really really enjoyed the episodes “The Road to Sectionals’. I’ve seen the three new episodes shown since mid April and can’t help but feel that maybe Glee has already run out of steam.

The first series of episodes were good, had decent storylines and the songs brought the storyline along. The episode where Finn and Quinn are having dinner with her family immediately come to mind when talking about this.

Now however, it just feels like the songs are there in the show, just for the sake of it. The episode ‘The Power of Madonna’ was disappointing.  Yes, being able to do a full show of Madonna favourites is great but if I wanted to see or hear an hour of Madonna songs, I’d just switch on to VH1.

The last episode shown here in Ireland, where Mercedes is trying to lose weight, is another showing of a lack of ideas and originality. Quinn is accompanying Mercedes in the doctors, going by her script I thought, ‘oh here goes, here’s Xtina’s Beautiful coming up’. Five minutes later, The Cheerios and New Directions are singing it in the auditorium.

It’s become to predictable, the storylines have dropped to nothing. To be honest I don’t care if ‘A chair is still a chair’, if its not any better this week, I’m afraid Glee will be losing a viewer.