#GhostbustersWaterloo // Marketing Genius


Marketing for Ghostbusters Movie Remake at London Waterloo Station

There are some marketing or advertising campaigns that just make you think ‘Wow, that was really well done’. Walking through Waterloo Station, that’s exactly what I thought of the campaign for the Ghostbusters remake.

I haven’t seen the movie and before I was actually in Waterloo, my timeline was flooded with photographs of the Marshmallow man breaking through the floor.

Coming down the escalators from Waterloo East, the first thing you see is that the screens opposite have been completely taken by #GhostbustersWaterloo. The hashtag is everywhere. Also on one screen is a ‘Breaking News’ reel where NYC has been taken over and Ghostbusters are saving the day.

For me, the touch of genius came in the form of slime, which had been slobbered down the electrical cables to the CCTV cameras. Very cool.

It’s literally everywhere. Decals on the floor, give a number to call, well who are you gonna to call? Others are placed pointing in the direction of a Ghostbusters store, cleverly vamped up to look like the NYC Subway.

The Marshmallow Man does take centre stage. He’s impressive. Standing in the main concourse, over the space of 5 minutes, lots of people take photos in the Marshmallow Man. Guys with business suits, older people, parents with kids and there’s a ‘Ghostbuster’ there to help everyone get in the photos. This also helps keep the queue of photograph hunters moving along.

If I had one criticism it would be that on two separate days, I saw male Ghostbusters while the current film features an all female cast.

The movie is a Columbia Pictures production, they’ve got a budget to spend and despite having heard awful reviews before release, anyone I’ve spoken to who has seen the movie, has enjoyed it.

It’s also been given a summer release and it’s cute enough that parents can bring their older kids to it. If the kids like it, they’ll also want all the merch and slime toys that go with it. Here, all the kids want photos with the Marshmallow man.

Good job marketing team! Don’t take my word for it, check out this Twitter search of photos using the hasthag #GhostbustersWaterloo. Despite the long hashatag and add then adding an image, in Twitter, you’re left with just 95 characters for a tweet. That doesn’t seem to matter. Easy least way to get trending online. Plus it’s also has a snapchat filter that can be accessed when you’re in Waterloo.

Fantastic campaign.

Here’s a few photos from Waterloo Station:

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Check out this video, keep an eye on the screen behind and at 0:57, the Ghostbuster helping the group get into formation for a photogrpah.