George Michael to release True Faith

George MichaelIt’s been a busy week for George Michael. We haven’t heard much from The Legend That Is, since his release from prison until now. George is to cover New Order’s 1987 hit ‘True Faith’ for Comic Relief. The track will be available from March 13th.

We haven’t heard the track yet but seeing as George’s last music was released through Universal, it looks like the first we’ll hear of it is the day  we can buy it. The last new music George released was December Song in 2008.

Universal have brought a ‘Play and Pay’ system into effect where the listener can now buy a track on iTunes the day that they hear it on the radio. Worked for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way…

George was in BBC Radio 2 with Chris Evans on Friday to record an interview which will be broadcast this week. George also decided that it was time to join Twitter, Yay! Has made my week! Who needs Charlie Sheen when there’s a Godlike Genius in our midst.

Here’s New Orders version, What do I expect the cover to be like..? I reckon its time for another George Michael dance classic.