George Michael Live in London DVD Review

Live in London DVD cover

First off I have to say I’m a huge George Michael Fan so there is no way this is going to be an impartial review.

Live in London went on sale here in Ireland on Friday December 4th. I popped into the nearest HMV store to find Live in London had a prominent display point and it was €14.99 – great value I was expecting it to be more.
It’s a two disc set with disc one featuring the live shows filmed in Auguest 08 in Earl’s Court. Disc two features a behind the scenes documentary ‘I’d Know Him A mile Off’ filmed by long time friend and collabrator David Austin and three bonus tracks.

Having seen God, sorry George six times on his last tour I was hoping that the DVD wouldn’t disappoint. I can still feel the bass of Flawless kick in the first time I heard it live.. no feeling like it in the world as the bass grabs you inside and out.

Disc One goes through 23 live tracks, starting with the song Waiting (Reprise) sung from behind the stage. George then kicks into Fastlove and I got a kick when he then proceeds to do the Lisa Moorish version of  I’m Your Man which appeared on the Fastlove single. Not to pee off fans, the band then launch into the Wham! version.

Flawless is as its title says. The tempo slows for Father Figure and You Have Been Loved but is picked up again for An Easier Affair and Everything She Wants. The only criticism I would have is that this section of the show is a little stop start.. just as you are getting into the tempo dance the mood and tempo drops. One More Try and A Different Corner are next followed by the exceptionally brilliant Too Funky and the hilarious Shoot The Dog! complete with blow up George Bush. ( I have a tour tshirt with this on it)

I really like how the break was portrayed on the DVD, as we George going backstage and then see the video of John and Elvis are Dead.

The Second half of the show starts with Faith and Spinning The Wheel (check out the bonus DVD for Arm waving antics). George didnt perform Feeling Good at the shows I saw so it was great to see that. Roxanne and My Mother Had a brother brought the tempo down a little before Amazing which turned out to be one of my favourites from  the tour.

The two time B side Fantasy makes a live appearance, to the delight of many die hard fans I’m sure. George shows he doesnt take himself too seriously when he appears in a LA cop uniform for Outside.

No George Show would be complete without Careless Whisper, in this case a duet with the audience.

The Michael Jackson ‘Will you be there’ influence is plain to be heard at the start of Freedom 90.. absolutely fantastic a spine tingling moment at the cencert and a joy to look back at and remember.

Disc Two is just purely funny! David Austin follows his buddy around, getting in the way, pi55ing George off and there’s nothing funnier. Eejit of the week must go to the traffic stewart at Wembley!

Three extra tracks are on DVD 2 Precious Box, Jesus To a Child and First Time Ever.

Great value for its 3 hour 11 minutes running time! Should be in a lot of stockings this Christmas.

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