Gentry Morris: Fools Gold Review

gentry morrisFrom the first notes of ‘Fools Gold’,  I was wondering why Gentry Morris wasn’t in Nashville. Well, in fact he was born near Savannah in South Georgia spent five years in Nashville, then upped and landed in Bangor.

‘Fool’s Gold’ is the first single taken from Morris’ album ‘Awake ‘O’ Sleeper’. The track opens with a guitar sound that you wouldn’t be surprised to hear on a Moby sample before settling into an acoustic country mode. You’re not going to hear any Brad Paisley or Jack Ingram-esque country tricks here. While many try on a deep husky vocal, Morris is pure and effortless.

Morris is probably at an advantage with his style of music. This is a melodic upbeat track which should be able to cross the age and genre bridges. I hope it doesn’t get caught in a ‘Country and Irish’ trap though.

Track 2 is ‘Awake ‘O’ Sleeper’.  Morris strips the production down to himself and an acoustic guitar. The sparseness allows Morris’ vocals to shine. Brushed drums, a subtle bass line and female backing vocals perfect this before the track builds but holds back just enough to leave you wanting more.

I love this track, I hope the rest of the album is like this.  Press Repeat.