Gavin Mulhall: MS Charity Gig

Multiple Sclerosis IrelandI was asked to include this on the blog.. it’s a good casuse so no probs!

Hi Everyone,
We’re doing a charity gig for MS Ireland on the 4th of November in the Church, Mary St. It’s €10 in, with loads of prizes available for the raffle including hotel breaks, cases of wine and a signed jersey (not sure what jersey or who signed it).It’s a great cause so please come out and support us to support the charity.

A bit on MS:

“multiple sclerosis is a neurological disease which affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other, often resulting in symptoms such as numbness of the extremities, uncontrollable tremors, dizziness, slurred speech, paralysis, forgetfulness, poor coordination and loss of vision to name but a few. Symptoms may occur in any combination and can vary from mild to very severe. The exact cause of MS is not known and currently, while there are medications available to lessen the severity of symptoms, there is no prevention or cure for it.”

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland provides a valuable support to over 7,000 individuals with MS in Ireland , their families, friends and carers. Through offering support and education, the organization’s vision is to enable and empower people affected by Multiple Sclerosis to live the life of their choice to their fullest potential.  However MS Ireland, as a voluntary organization, depends predominantly on support from individual fundraisers. It is for this reason that I am attempting to raise funds for the organization.

Many thanks – Gav