Futures Apart: Andrew’s Pride

futures apartSo seemingly out of nowhere, Futures Apart launched their debut single ‘Andrew’s Pride’ last week. Is it any good? well yeah, it is.

The Wexford band have produced a great piece of electro-rock, which they cleverly call futuromatic. With TimO’Donovan (Neosupervital) on production duties, it’s hardly surprising that this track is a catchy affair.

‘Andrew’s Pride’ starts with a manic build up before settling in to 21st century Duran Duran style. (Think Planet Earth before they got too poppy) The overall sound is quite familiar because of these influences but the injection of originality pushes Futures Apart into a class apart. Good musicianship, a memorable voice, a couple of really clever breaks in the song and great overall production make this a great debut.

They know how they want to sound and already have a great image. I’m impressed.  These guys could be huge.. Tipped!