Freshly Squeezed Film Festival: Review

I managed to get into the Screen Cinema on Saturday for some of the Freshly Squeezed Film Festival, which gives Student film makers a chance to showcase their work. I arrived as the Experimental Screenings were getting underway.

I was extremely impressed by the both the cinematography and sound design in Oppenheimer, Davide Pochinu Carta’s film which he directed, wrote, edited and was also sound designer. Big task and a job really well done in the Sydney Film School.

Looking at the credits in some of the films, the crews varied in size, from the modest to outright feature film standards. It was also quite eye opening to see how film is approached in different countries and how each interpret different genres.

The comedy/fantasy section was interesting, for me, Red Point, Tomatina Origins being the standout. Directed by Dario J. Ferrer, the short film seemed to have defintely been influenced by how Jean-Pierre Jeunet approached Amelie. This could easily to turned into a longer piece.

I also really enjoyed Matthew Nesbeth’s New with Tags. Matthew is attending the University of the West of England. In this piece our main character is, kinda fighting with himself, his ghosts and his past. I love how Matthew demonstrated this, really good.

There were also a few little chats with people from the biz, Peter Robertson, Cinematographer extraordinaire , Producer Edwina Forkin and writer, producer and director Brendan Culleton. They gave some great feedback on what they actually do, in their day to day jobs and a few tips on how to get into the biz.

It was great day and a lovely opportunity to meet like minded individuals, chat about film making and get a buzz about film making. A great healthy environment to be in. Well done to the Festival committee, looking forward to Freshly Squeezed Film Festival 2013.

(Sunday Jul 8 – 15.04 The Film festival is running until tonight, check out what’s still to happen in the programme)