Free Music Monday 27/06/2011: Steel Horse

ON A STEEL HORSE WE RIDE EPEvery Monday I recommend some free music for you to download. This week’s recommendation comes from The Mighty Stef‘s sideproject ‘Steel Horse’. This is a solo effort by young Mr Murphy takes the troubadour into garage punk territory. It also features a cover of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Zero.

This 4 song EP was lovingly created using:

1 x Human Male

1 x Acoustic Guitar,

1 x Fuzz Pedal,

1 x Toy Keyboard,

1 x Nasty-Ass programmed Beat

Infuenced By: The Things, Devo, Moldy Peaches, Jeff Lewis, Magazine, 80’s Matchbox, Billy Idol, The Cult, The Casio Keyboard, Digital Fuzz. All kinds’a Crap.