Free Music Monday 23/1/2012: Pearse McGloughlin + Video Collaborators Wanted!

Bright StarPearse McGloughlin is an artist I’ve got to know over the past couple of years and the more I hear the more I like his music. So much so that Pearse is the only person ever to do two live sessions for Culture Cafe while it was on air on DCUfm.

Pearse is planning to release his second album ‘In Movement’ this year and today put a call out for visual collaborators.. Here’s what Pearse is after:

‘I’m looking for visual reactions to the songs from the album — little short films. These could be captured on iPhones, mobile phones, HD cameras, camcorders or whatever you use for rolling footage. I hope to release these via my website in the run up to the album’s release. If you are interested or even mildly curious please reply

I will then give you one of the songs from the album, hoping that in turn you’ll create a 40-60 second visual piece, a mini music video if you will, for the song. This will be loosely related to the song or if you have an idea of your own, that’s cool too. It could be a complex stop motion, abstract and arty or just simple studies of light…whatever you see fit.’

[Edit: Pearse got in touch with me, saying thanks for all your emails, the deadline has now passed]

Anyway, you want some free music, here’s Pearse McGloughlin’s Bright Star available from bandcamp