Free Music Monday: 06/06/2011

Pete Lawrie A Little Darker MixtapeI interviewed Pete Lawrie last week and was intrigued to hear about his genre hopping antics and his love of sample based music.

Later, I found some remixes of Pete’s that I really liked, then I found this.  Pete’s ‘A Darker Light Mixtape’.

On his soundcloud page, Pete explains about the mixtape..

‘When I started writing for A Little Brighter, my debut album, I made a conscious decision to try and reign in my tendency to genre hop. I wanted to make a record as a full body of work. To maybe segue the songs with instrumentals, samples. A feeling of something moving, growing. As time went on, this became difficult. My voice was changing, maturing. Songs from years passed began rearing their heads and the result is more of a collection of songs. Songs that I am very proud of writing, but with more of a jukebox feel than my original vision. A Little Darker is my attempt to finish what I started.’

A Little Darker by petelawrie

Pete Lawrie plays the Body & Soul Festival which takes place in Ballinlough Castle on June 18th/19th.

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