Free Music Monday 03/09/2012: Sun City

SUNCITYImagine it’s September already? Of course that means we have sunshine and a little bit of heat on our Emerald Isle. As I recommend a free music download, I wanted to choose something today that could reflect our little, albeit late, Summer.

Sun City are Daniel Mackey and Tobias John from Perth, Australia (something about me listening to lots of music from Oz this week) and this track, The Follower, is an upbeat indie pop tune. Melikes!

The track can be downloaded for free from the band’s Soundcloud (embedded below) or can be bought on iTunes. It’s just one track to be taken from their ‘Set Alight’ EP.

Check out Sun City on Facebook or on their blog.

If you head over to the band’s page on Soundcloud, there are a couple of other free downloads there too, spoiled for choice eh?

Band Photo from Facebook