Fred and Bob: Caramel Back Review

fred and bobThe name Fred and Bob had me expecting two guys with beards playing guitars. That was not to be, in a good way. Fred and Bob are actually a female led alternative fourpiece who like a bit of indie punk.

‘Caramel Back’, showcases Emma Greenhalgh’s vocals immediately. A change from a steady drum pattern to a driving rhythm hooks you and is delightfully blended with a warm fuzzy guitar sound and an intelligent bass line. At 2 mins 54 perfect pop.

‘Salmon’ is track two, a melodic uptempo track, again produced to perfection for the genre and style. Allowing each instrument its own space and giving Greenhalgh the space to make the most of her feisty vocals.

The band will no doubt be compared to Veruca Salt and they do have a speck of the 1990’s but that ain’t no bad thing. They possess an energy and vibrance and are definitely current.  ‘Caramel Back’ is released on December 5th.