Frantic Jack: Firefly Review


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Firefly is the debut single from Edenderry based band Frantic Jack.

The band seem to wear their influences of their sleeves as shimmers of Counting Crows (vocally) and old school Green Day (guitar) raise their heads.

Firefly is a melodic track with a standard verse chorus middle 8 chorus format.

Its a decent track and if they were signed it would get a hell of a lot of airplay in the AOR charts. I’d love to see Frantic Jack push the limits a little as this is an amazingly tough genre to be in and it needs a little magic to break through.

Track two on the single is Hang from the Gates. This track in its own right could easily be a single. It starts off electric guitar and vocals and builds up to a nice crescendo. Grey’s Anatomy hello?

This is a good solid debut from Frantic Jack.

5 out of 6

Update 31/10/09 Congrats to Frantic Jack who entered the Irish single charts at number 23 yesterday