Foxy’s Back and this time brought a friend (Video)

foxyandjuniorI’m starting to feel like a wildlife documentary maker but I really can’t believe that all this is happening in our back yard. Yes, our garden is an overgrown heap and we call it the Nature Reserve. You’ll even find it on foursquare if you look.

Today, Foxy brought a little buddy, I was making brunch and everytime a noise was made, they would look up, the microwave pinged and Foxy looked straight at me in the kitchen. I’ve come to the conclusion now that they make the Nature Reserve their home and once we get up, they leg it. The pair then moved from where they were to a slightly more hidden spot. Foxy went in behind a privet hedge, while Junior just sat in the long grass, no more than eight feet from our back door.

I wish I had an army of cameras I could set up in the garden and capture their movements. It’s just awesome.