Foxy: An Afternoon Visitor (Video)

On June 18th 2012, I looked out my window to what we affectionately call ‘The Nature Reserve’. Foxy, a visitor to our garden but mainly during the winter, decided to drop by and stay a while. It was a great opportunity to have a look at an urban fox, just doing its thing.

It’s not often we get to see foxes like this, out in the open, especially during the day. After watching Foxy for a couple of hours, I still had to remind myself that this is a feral urban fox, yet seems quite happy to live so close to us.

Update: June 21st 2012.

This Foxy guy is getting very used to our garden, I came face to face with him outside about twenty minutes before this happened. After running into the trees, he came back out about five minutes later and lay in the sun. Well for some, eh?