Fox Avenue: On My Own Review

FOX AVENUEFox Avenue have grown up a bit since their Four For Four EP. On My Own still appeals to a pop punk audience but also shows maturity.

The piano led track opens and introduces a nice vocal line, of which Brendan Urie (Panic! At The Disco) would be proud. One of the things which bugs me about music is how long it takes to the chorus. Here, Fox Avenue hit the chorus at 37 seconds making this radio friendly and instantly singalong-able and easy to remember.

That’s not saying it’s a simple song, production the track is top notch, well thought out and beautifully balanced. ‘On My Own’ possesses great piano and guitar lines along with solid musicianship. Subtle backing vocals seem doubled tracked on the chorus to give an extra umph! This is the kind of song that you’d hear on some MTV show or teenage drama.

The track also features a nice bridge/refrain about two thirds of the way through and drops to a bare vocal and piano chord before building back up for the crescendo. Great progression from the band. Still say it, they could be huge.