Feeder: Live at the Academy 19/08/2010 Review

feeder at the academy

Feeder: Live at the Academy 19/08/2010 Review

Feeder rocked the Academy to its foundations on Thursday night with a mixed set of new and old material. Starting off the night were upstarts Storyfold, who within a short space of time, have become serious contenders on the Irish music scene. The band treated the waiting crowd to a rousing set, which included the singles ‘Delphine Wakes’ and ‘Behind Closed Doors’. By the end of their set, Storyfold had won over the crowd.

Feeder come to to stage to the sound of Ecstasy of Gold, better known to you and me as the theme tune from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Rather apt giving the title of Feeder’s latest album ‘Renegades’.

The band launch into ‘Barking Dogs’ and ‘Insomnia’ as the audience step it up a notch, bouncing and clapping.  A good mixture of new and old material keep the them on their toes, with ‘White Lines’ from Renegades being followed by ‘Feeling the Moment’. Material from the new album is grittier and less commercial sounding than the band’s bigger hits. Crowd reaction to the new material is just as enthusiastic.

Touring as a four piece, adding keyboards, Feeder have a huge live sound, all the instruments balanced perfectly. However, Grant Nicholas’ vocals could have been higher in the front of house mix. Mind you, it didn’t really matter as the audience sang every word of every song anyway.

‘Just the way I’m feeling’ gets a massive response. The band on stage seem to be having some sort of deliberations before Grant approaches the mic and says ‘Ah Fcuk it’  before the whole venue erupts to strains of ‘Buck Rogers’. The entire crowd sings and bounces to the song, as the Academy is transformed into a mosh pit.

This audience reaction continues despite the next song being ‘Down to the river’ the only real slow tempoed song of the evening. Fan favourite ‘High’ turns the gig into a religious experience, band and audience in unison. ‘Callout’ brings the audience to an almost frenzied state before the band leave the stage.

Throughout the night, the high points seem to get higher as the gig progresses. The encore includes ‘Home and ‘Seven Days in the Sun’, leaving ‘Just a Day’ as the perfect track to end the night with.

Feeder have a devout following and this gig seemed to celebrate the connection between band and fans. The night was really well vibed and everyone seemed to be out for a good time, including the band. They duly delivered.

Grant announced Feeder will be back in Ireland in February 2011. Miss them at your peril.

Setlist: (Open to correction)

1. Barking Dogs
2. Insomnia
3. White Lines
4. Feeling The Moment
5. Renegades
6. Lost and Found
7. Buck Rogers
8. Down To The River
9. Come Back Around
10. High
11. Callout

12. Home
13. Seven Days In the Sun
14. Just a Day

With special thanks to Goldenplec and MCD

Storyfold supporting Feeder