Eventually, its feels like a new year!

Back to college today! Looking forward to it, finally feels like 2009 has started…  its something like 7 weeks since I’ve been to a lecture… no I wasn’t skiving off, we don’t do exams so when everyone else was doing exams we were finishing assignments and chillin’!

Starting to get a bit fed up with recession talk! I think everyone has to pull their socks up a bit job or no job and make the most of what we have… MMI is still going and people are still looking for CDs which is reassuring. Now I just want to get everything Nessy Productions wise up and running and get more of a internet presence going..

Notice a peak in blog readers – thanks to www.alphainventions.com I like the way the updated blogs roll on their homepage.. not sure how they get so many readers etc to look at each individual blog but it seems to be working! Good Job guys!

I was also looking at the difference between wordpress.com and .org _ I think I’ll stick with .com for the time being, mainly because I can update .com easier from any computer.. I think , if I’m wrong about .org please let me know 🙂

That’s it for now.. I’m off to a lecture on web development!