Culture Café #5 // Frank Benbini // Musician-Uncle Frank / FLC

Frank Benbini is the drummer with Fun Lovin’ Criminals and he’s also the man behind Radio Riddler and Uncle Frank.

Uncle Frank also consists of multi instrumentalist Naim Cortazzi, and they’ve just released their album ‘Smiles for Miles’ on MITA Records.

This isn’t the first time I’ve spoken to Frank, I interviewed him in September 2012 when FLC were playing Arthur’s Day in Dublin.

Uncle_Frank_Irrestistible_Me_Culture_CafeYou can listen to the interview here or via the video below. I really like Frank, there’s something about him that makes you at ease with me immediately. He might be in the Criminals and pretends to be the hard man, truth is, he’s a big huggy teddy bear! At the start of the podcast, I mention that Frank had ‘promised’ that the next time we met he would greet me, laid out covered in rose petals.. Here’s why >> It’s the cover to his Irresistible Me E.P.

The interview was recorded before an album showcase in (the legendary) Dean Street Studios in London. We also get ‘I said to Owen Wilson‘story from Frank and Frank also gives us an insight into life with his kid brother, Darryl’s music asBoy Kid Cloud.

Thanks to all the Dean Street Studios gang, Scream Promotions, especially Holly, and MITA Records for making me feel so at home, mucho love x

If you are of a sensitive disposition, there are some naughty words in there, your Granny mightn’t like it.

You can find out more about Uncle Frank on their snazzy website.

Feature photo from Uncle Frank’s Soundcloud