Enfant: Border of Mexico Review

I’m not sure I could ever work with any of my brothers or sisters. No offence, they’re lovely but I couldn’t see me and them getting along for the duration of a working day. For that reason, when I hear that a musical act are siblings my mind slightly boggles. Enter Enfant, a London based duo comprising of twin brothers, Ali and Robin Owen.

Border of Mexico is their second release and it’s a little bit of a whopper. It features chunky basslines, great vocals and breaks that just want to make you dance. The track builds and builds and instead of dropping, brings you to a level of what I can only describe as a stage of floating, where it subtly prepares you to dance your ass off again.

If there’s any bit of justice in the world, this is be huge. Enfant’s reputation for putting on a great live show has been growing this year, I really want to see them! Party round Ali and Robin’s house?

The bad news? You’re going to have to wait til December 3rd to get your mitts on this.