Download: Skylab – Phoenix Calling

SkylabI’m feeling in quite an upbeat mood today so this has been perfect to dance to. It’s Skylab with Phoenix Calling. Skylab are from Amsterdam and apart from that, that’s all I know really. They’ve got some more free downloads on Soundcloud.

Their biography states:
SKYLAB is all about the feeling to discover new places, new friends, wherever and whatever they may be. The funky magic of the music will be with you on this journey. We are not just a band; we’re a movement, a lifestyle. We don’t talk a lot. We look each other in the eye to know we belong. Mind you; this will not be accessible to everyone; you have to be ready to travel both back and forth in time and as far as necessary. Our people can never be found at one place for too long. We move. The only goal is to experience the feeling which can best be described by a 70’s beachparty in the south of France, somewhere on a secret planet in space. Everybody is beautiful. There will be no hate, because it doesn’t exist. There will be no past and no future, because they will be one. If you are puzzled and confused by these words; just follow us and we’ll show you the way. We are SKYLAB.

Ok… All you really need to know? They make some great tunes.