District 9 Review


Continuing my movie catch up.. Last night I watched District 9.

Directed by Neill Blomkamp, District 9 is an area in South Africa where Aliens or Prawns as they are known, have been living for 20 years. Their ship has been just hovering over the Jo’burg skyline for that length of time, without motion.

The movie follows Wilkus Van De Merwe (Sharlto Copley) who is asked my his father in law to head an eviction programme for District 9. When he is infected by alien DNA, Wilkus learns what he father in law is really like and has to go on the run following a breakout from government agency MNU.

The film immediately grabs your attention.

It is told in a documentary style, gritty, sometimes gory but never boring. It doesn’t have the sheen that other movies of this sci fi/alien genre have, think Mad Max with weird weapons and based in a slum.

One of the storylines running through the movie is how Wilkus befriends an Alien he had tried to evict. They work together to retrieve a cannister of fuel of MNU, this will enable the Aliens to start their ship and Wilkus to regress to his full Human DNA.

It’s an interesting movie, the documentary style really adds to the ‘reality’. I love the way the studio felt the need to say ‘Peter Jackson presents’ on the opening titles. Yes, he of Lord of the rings films produced the film.

Really liked the overall thing, I’ve spent two hours doing a lot worse.

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