DCUfm Brunchtime Playlist: 21/05/2012

I had lots of fun on DCUfm today, thanks to everyone who listened and got in touch and thanks to all the bands who sent me in their music for today’s show, had a lot of new music, which is great.

Here’s what I played:

1.The Aftermath: In Loneliness lives Love

2. Liz Lawrence: Monday Morning

3. The Radioactive Grandma: What Are you Running From

4. Sailor and I: Tough Love

5. Foreign Slippers: Avalanche

6. Garbage: The Battle In Me

7. Funeral Suits: ALl those lonely People

8. Time is a thief: We’re not Strangers

9. Better Left Alone: Going For The Oscar

10. Breton Ordance Survey

11. Dutch Uncles: Fragrant

12. Futures Apart: Landslide

13. The Shoos: Say Something

14. The Plea: Oh Ah Yay

15. Handsome Furs: When I Get Back

16. Eric McGrath: Lets Get Curious

17. In The Willows: It’s Over

18. The Clap: One Fell Out of The Cuckoos Nest

19. Wonder Villains: Ferrari

20. RunawayGo: Delicate Man

21. JD McPhearson: North Star Girl

22. Willy Moon: Yeah Yeah

23. Hadouken: Parasite

Thanks again, not sure when I’ll be back on DCUfm, if ever.. (sniff) as a final year student I could be kicked out.. sniff