DCUfm: 14/05/2012 Brunchtime Playlist

I had lot of fun in the studio for a couple of hours this morning, thanks to everyone who tuned in, here’s the playlist.

1. Eugene McGuinness: Shotgun

2. Funeral Suits: All Those Friendly People

3. Twin Atlantic: Beast of Myself

4. Time is a Thief: Juror No 3

5. Clock Opera: Man Made

6. Plan B: Ill Manors

7. Rob Kelly: Game Over

8. Ocho: Young Hunting

9. The Cast of Cheers: Animals (Sleep Thieves remix)

10. aidan: Bells of the Morning

11. The Pale: An Autograph for My Dad

12. The Plea: Oh Ah Yay

13. The Shoos: Say Something

14. Spector: Celestine

15. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Dani California (Live from Birmingham November 2011)

16. Nikki and The Dove: Tomorrow

17. Bastille: Overjoyed

18. This Club: I Won’t Worry

19. Come on Live Long: Animal

20. Robb Murphy: Love in Abundance

21. Stephen Young and The Union: Coke & Rum

22. Alabama Shakes: Hold On

23. Garbage: The Battle In Me

24. Breton: Ordinance Survey

25. Born Blonde: I Just Wanna Be

26. The Ghosts: Ghosts

27. Gotye: Easy Way Out