DCU FM is Reborn


It’s the time of year when the new improved DCU FM is getting its act together. After the mess that became last year with DCU FM, it’s great to see new Station Manager, Denis McEvoy, getting his teeth into it already.

I’d love a show again this year, maybe something with some arts and technology rather than just pure music.

Here’s where I would like your opinions please.

What do you think a College Radio station should consist of?
What type of music would you want a college station to play?
Even if you’re not in college what kind of programming would entice you to listen to a college station?
Should a college station cater for the surrounding residents also?

I would really like your opinions and views, I want to really get involved with the station in this upcoming academic year an would love to be able to give Denis and his other officers some solid feedback..

You can email me nessymon@gmail.com or leave a comment here.

Thanks in advance

…nessy out!


Yesterday I got an email confirming that I will be doing an Arts type show on DCUFM 🙂

If you have any ideas or want to appear on the show please contact me.