David Turpin:The Bone Dance Review

david turpin

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One of the really good things about reviewing music is finding a little gem that you weren’t quite expecting! That can definitely be said of David Turpin’s The Bone Dance.

Steming from the dance/electronica genre and citing Emily Bronte, Margot Kidder and Franz Marc as influences, Mr Turpin has a winner on his hands. Hints of, perhaps, Pet Shop Boys (Neil Tennant vocal style) are scattered throughout the track. Produced by the whizz that is Steve Shannon, I think Neosupervital has a contender to his Irish Electronica King throne. This one’s going on my Ipod!

Taken from the forthcoming album, ‘Haunted!’, ‘The Red Elk’ is actually a sonic masterpiece with amazingly understated vocals. The addition and production of the string arrangement on this track bring it to a different level.

David Turpin is my new favourite Irish Act! I cannot wait for the album!

6 out of 6


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