David Lyttle: Interlude Album Review

Sometimes you get surprises, sometimes they’re not good, sometimes, out of nowhere, like David Lyttle’s album ‘Interlude’, they’re great. David Lyttle is a producer and instrumentalist from Northern Ireland and in his album beautifully melds the genres of jazz and hip-hop.

The album opens with ‘Take Me to the Moon’ with vocals by UK rapper Homecut. Take the good bits from Blackstreet’s No Diggity and add a dash of Pharrell’s Justin Timberlake influence and you’re in the right arena. Homecut’s words roll out beautifully and the balance between the vocals and instrumentation is spot on. Catchy and memorable.

Lyttle has been really clever when matching up vocalists with tracks, here, they just seem to have always meant to be this way. The laid back jazz with urban style vocals is just a breath of fresh air and is as good as any music in the genre. MOBO winner Soweto Kinch features in ‘Uncertain Steps’ alongside Pino Palladino, such is the talent on this album, it’s jaw dropping. Lyttle also keeps it in the family with his Mum, Anne contributing vocals to ‘Seek’ and sister, Rhea, appearing also, notably on ‘Questions’ as well as the title track.

This album is funky, soulful, jazzy and very very sexy. Lyttle has crossed into new territory with this album but still it still retains his jazz origins. The problem for your scribe is not be too gushing, too over the top in praise of this album. This is a joyous Irish record and stands up easily beside its international counterparts. David Lyttle. Remember where you first heard the name.