David LaChapelle’s Dublin Launch

cheesy fangirl grin
cheesy fangirl grin

Last night was amazing, I met David LaChapelle. My true fangirl colours shone.

Oh well!

I arrived a little on the early side last night but didn’t mind one bit. There was still some hussle and bustle happening and lettering being finished off at the entrance to the ‘American Jesus’ exhibition being held in The Sebastian Guinness Gallery in Burlington Road in Dublin.

When I entered the exhibition space I was overwhelmed by it and how we have such underused these types of space in Dubin. TV3s Expose were interviewing the man himself!

Courtney Love’s La Pieta was there as was Deluge. The short films about both were also playing.

LaChapelle’s ‘Negative Currency’ series was also on display. The American Jesus series and the floaters (series of people floating in water), which are actually called ‘Awakened’ were also there.

It was good to see LaChapelle’s work in Dublin, actually it was great ! but I think I was a little spoiled by the Paris ‘Retrospective’ exhibition.

lachapelle pope web

I loved The 3D Holy War piece as well as the crushed cars that were at the Monnaie. Plus Paris always seems to give a little extra, whatever the event maybe..maybe its just my love of that particular city.. anyway

I had a great chat with Richard, a photographer, originally from the US, now living in Donegal. We chatted about Mr LaChapelle’s art and whether in fact, seeing as this was a proper commerical exhibition, if many pieces would be sold.

There’s still a fair bit of money going around in some circles but would Ireland or is Ireland liberal enough to get some of these weathly people to buy such delicious art.

It would be interesting to know if anyone would actually be bold enough here to hang some LaChapelle art on their walls at home.

We agreed that that someone with loads of money, should buy some LaChapelle pieces and donate them to the Hugh Lane Gallery.(if I win the lotto tomorrow I’ll do it).

david lachapelle speech

Mr LaChapelle spoke at the event and his sense of fun and humour shone through, even trying to sing like MJ. He offered lots of encouragement for struggling photographer artist types.

He also mentioned that his Mom and his sister were here with him.

I also noticed while he was giving his speech that his trainers had wings!! No really !!

Mr LaChapelle also mentioned that some people had questioned why he had agreed to bring his exhibition here because, well, things are preetty crap here at the moment. He said that was all the more reason to, people needed a little cheering up!

I got to meet Mr LaChapelle.

I must thank Fiona, (just found out her name through Twitter – mental!) who took the photos and introduced me.. I was gobsmacked.. complete fangirl! (If I ever meet George Michael I will be a complete wreck!)

We had a quick chat and he said to say hi to Sophie, (must email her) and he signed my launch night invitation which has quickly been put aside to be framed! I told him I used La Pieta for my college essay, He told me he was honoured, er no! It’s easy to write about – you did all the hard work!

I smiled, a lot! 🙂

I also bumped into Brian Walsh, who I haven’t seen since the Catatonia/Cardigans gig in Dublin Castle circa 99, and the delightful Mr Willie Ryan, who was all smiles chatting about Kellsman Ollie Cole (good part of the country that!)


The only piece I hadn’t seen before was the ‘Archangel Michael’ which was actually used as last Sunday Times cover. What’s even more interesting and only Mr LaChapelle could have thought of this was to use a Michael Jackson lookalike in the picture as he never had the opportunity to photograph MJ.

I really enjoyed the evening..
Got home, still smiling and very wrecked..
Thats what a night out in Dublin should be like!

Think all I’m waiting for now is David LaChapelle to take photos of Sophie B Hawkins, put these photographs in an exhibition on in the George Michael Kenny Goss Gallery (which George would attend) and have Baz Luhrmann come in make a movie about the whole thing… now where did I put my Euromillions ticket?

nessy and mr lachapelle chat
nessy and mr lachapelle chat
David laChapelle's Rape Of Africa 2009
David laChapelle's Rape Of Africa 2009

Archangel Michael from Here

Photographs of me and Mr LaChapelle were taken by the nice lady who’s name I didn’t get because she was on first name terms with Him and introduced me and I was going to faint.. (Thanks Fiona)

I slyly took the others

…nessy out! (I need to rest)