David LaChapelle in Dublin

Stuff happens on the outside world when you’re sick in hospital.

The fantastic David LaChapelle, whose Retrospective exhibition I went to see in Monaie de Paris in April is coming to Dublin, Ireland.

I think the man is a genius, I’m so glad I saw this! I hope a HUGE deal is made of this in our fair city! If you can go!

He’s bringing his American Jesus Exhibition here. You can look at David LaChapelle’s work in a book, no problem but its only when you see his lifesize work, that the enormity of his talent becomes apparent!

One of his pieces that really stood out for me in Paris was Holy War, I really like the way LaChapelle turns his photographs into 3D sculptures. He added LEDs and TV screens within the piece to really bring it to life.

Its quite a strange feeling, having seen these photos in a book, looking at them and almost being able to touch.. (obviously I wouldn’t).

I think David LaChapelle is the most influential photographer of recent years.


Courtney Love: Pieta by David LaChapelle

He has photographed everyone from Madonna and Kanye West to David Beckham and videos he has made include those for Christina Aguileria (Dirrty), Robbie Williams (Advertising Space) and Moby (Natural Blues) for which he won a MTV Europe Award.

Check out David’s website Here

I used his picture of Courtney Love: Pieta (from his Heaven to Hell collection) for one of my college projects last year – you can read it HERE!

I also wrote about my visit to his exhibition HERE!

Has Dublin copped on ? I hope so – I have such a buzz just thinking that his exhibition will be here, too often us Irish folk have to leave our isle to see talent of this magnitude!

Flyer image taken from Fabricmag.com

Update: 11/9/09

OH MY GOD! Fanhead on, I rang John in http://sebastianguinnessgallery.com who are curating the exhibition and I’m going to the launch night!.. Amazing!

This the kind of thing I really want to cover in the Arts Show in DCU!

Can’t wait!

Now how do I get tickets to the Masterclass on Friday? Anyone help a damsel in distress?