Daire O'Reilly

The Promised Land by Daire O’Reilly is the debut album due for release in Autumn 2010. The Cavan born artist is currently based in NYC so I was happy to land a pre-release sampler.

The sampler starts with ‘Sleeping in’ a mid tempo rock track with a laid back vibe reminiscent of the Stereophonics ‘Have a nice day’. Oh Darlin is an Americana/Country tinged track and proves that O’Reilly has a knack for writing singalong melodies. There’s a nice use of mandolin during a breakdown before the track builds up nicely before the climax .

‘To Believe’ shows this writer why O’Reilly is currently residing in the U.S., it’s a AOR radio friendly track, well produced with a slight flavour of Dawson’s Creek in there.

‘Star Gazing’, the final track of the sampler, is an acoustic based Cowboy-esque track, the lone ranger meeting his love match. The chorus of voices singing “Star Gazing’ bring an extra depth to the track. It’s quite a sit around the campfire singing song. My favourite on the sampler.

All in all, its a good start, we’ll have to wait for the rest of the album

5 out of 6


This was written for MusicReviewUnsigned