Curveball – Opening Day

openingday2011So today is the day I’ve been waiting for since last November, Opening Day! And this is probably going to be the official first post of  ‘Curveball’, me talking about baseball. Yes, I probably will talk about the San Francisco Giants, a lot.

I had planned to write a little about Spring training and give a little insight into what I thought would or wouldn’t happen this year.

Quickly, Yankees are going to be in trouble and don’t have the depth in the squad, especially the bullpen. RedSox to take AL East. Oakland could just do it and take the AL West.  I think both these teams could reach the ALCS.  

National League, it’s hard to rule out the Phillies again. Yes, I am biased but I do think that the San Francisco Giants will come out of the NL West. Their biggest obstacle will be Colorado.

The Giants are one hour and 15 minutes away from Opening day against the Dodgers in Los Angeles.  Brian Wilson and Cody Ross are both on the DL but Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy have shown balls and included Brandon Belt in the opening day roster. The rookie starts at 1st base this evening.

As defending champions, the Giants need to have a ‘win this game tonight’ attitude.  After the past few years disappointments, 2010 was amazing. I’m about to watch the pre-game, so far the Reds beat the Brewers, Yankees beat the Tigers, The Braves won and St Louis are currently beating the Padres in the ninth.

These are the first of 162 games for each team. The first of 2430 in total. Let the fun begin.

Happy Opening Day!