Culture Cafe:Irish Music: 12/10/09

Nessy, Rowan, Michael (Director)
Nessy, Rowan, Michael (Director)

Episode 4 of Culture Cafe done and what a great one it was..

A very special thanks to Michael and Rowan from Director who came in to have a chat and sing a song.. appreciate it guys!

So here’s what we did!

1. (Culture Cafe Theme) DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads

2. (Music) Hitman Lord: Wanna Healing Music

3. (Music) Grades of Shade: Bleed In association with MusicReviewUnsigned

4. (Music) Director: Moment to Moment

5. Chat with Michael and Rowan from Director including an acoustic rendition of Don’t Think I’ll Know

6. (Music) Director: Play Pretend

7. (Music) Miracle Bell: Into The Trees (Our Free Legal Download of the week available from

8. (Music) Fiach: You Dear

9. (Music) The River Valley Band: Kimberley

10. (Music) Carosel: Easy As It Flows

11. (Music) David Turpin: The Bone Dance

12. (Music) The Jades: Bermuda Song

13. (Music) Cowboy X: Analogue Droids

And then it was over…. so fast until Wednesday when we’ll be doing a bit of chatting about the Hard Work Class Heroes Festival, the launch of the IYMA’s CD and music chats with Miracle Bell and David Turpin…

I’m off to bed

…nessy out!