Culture Cafe on DCUfm: Episode 44 – 17/12/2010

Culture Cafe on DCUfm: Episode 44 – 17/12/2010

nessy mike elmer fudd starbucks
Nessy with Mike, Elmer Fudd and Starbucks

Tonight was the last show of 2010. in 15 months of Culture Cafe, we’ve done 44 shows. Absolutely amazing. Thanks to everyone who listened, was a guest, played a song, spoke to me on the phone, complained, loved it and hated it.

I normally have live acts in the studio, instead tonight I had to contend with fellow DCUfmers, Cian McMahon, Russell James, Dearbhla McCreesh and Cara Murphy. Loads of fun was had by all, it was one of those when we should have had a web cam going for what was not been said on air!

Here’s the official version of what happened:

1. Crossroads: DJ Flip and the Freezemaster Slick
2. Matt & Kim: Where You’re Coming From (This week’s Recommended Free Legal Download available from
3. Villagers: That Day
4. Chat with Gavin Mee
5. Gavin Mee: Cheekbones
6. Chat with Conor Furlong who was at A-ha’s last gig in Oslo
7. A-ha: Butterfly Butterfly
8. Semi Precious Weapons: Semi Precious Weapons
9. Chat with aidan
10. aidan: West Cork Song
11. Rubberbandits: Horse Outside
12. Republic of Loose: Blah Bounce
13. Wallpaper: Indian Summer

Culture Cafe will be back on DCUfm in the first week of February 2011.