Culture Cafe Show 86: March 13 2013

Seeing as it’s the week where we all go green, I thought it was a good idea to focus on some Irish music. Thanks to my guests, Marlene from The Hard Ground, Gary from and Ed from Vickers Vimy.

Here’s the lowdown:
1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. The Hot Sprockets: Soul Brother
3. The Spikes: Specialist
4. Chat with Marlene Enright of The Hard Ground
5. The Hard Ground: Bad Faith
6. Chat with Gary Meyler of
7. Trumpets of Jericjo: Uh!
8. Chat with Gary Meyler of (Part 2)
9. Protobaby: Microchip
10. Chat with Ed Drea from Vickers Vimy
11. Vickers Vimy: Days are getting better
12. Stephen James Smith and Enda Reilly: Mise Eire/I am Ireland

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