Culture Cafe on RTÉ 2XM Show 64 Playlist 10/10/2012

Show 64: Since there was a ickle technical hitch last week, I thought it only fair that I air the interviews I did with Example and with Frank Benbini from Fun Lovin Criminals.

Here’s today’s playlist:

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. Bastille: Bad Blood
3. Fun Lovin’ Criminals: Scooby Snacks
4. Chat with Frank Benbini of Fun Lovin’ Criminals (Listen to the interview podcast here)
5. Fun Lovin’ Criminals: Korean Bodega
6. Fun Lovin’ Criminals: Loco
7. Chvrches: The Mother We Share
8. The Other Tribe: Skirts
10. Example: Say Nothing
11. Interview with Example (Listen to the Podcast Here)
12. Example: Changed the Way You Kissed Me
13. Skream & Example: Shot Yourself In The Foot
14. Example: Won’t Go Quietly
16. Strange Boats: Boys Walk Faster Than Girls
17. The Plea: Staggers Anthem

Thanks for listening, remember you can listen to the show anytime on the RTÉ player. The show is broadcast on Wednesdays at 2pm and repeated on Sunday nights at 9pm GMT on RTÉ 2XM