Culture Cafe on RTE 2Xm Show 54 Podcast and Playlist: 01/08/2012

Culture Cafe 54Show 54, thanks to my guests for chatting to me, remember if you guys didn’t want to chat, there would be no show. If no no listened there wouldn’t be a show either!

Here’s what happened:

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. Cat Power: Ruin
3. Aluna George: Double Sixes
4. CHat with Eva O’Connor of Sunday’s Child Theatre Group
5. Panama: Safe Inside
6. Two Door Cinema Club: Sleep Alone
7. Chat with Noel Sutton from Gaze
8. Funeral Suits: Colour Fade
9. The Minutes: Gold
10. Motorcycle Display Team: Betweenager
11. Chat with Molly O’Leary from Scene not Herd
12. jessie Ware: Wildest Moments
13. Le Galaxie: Love System
14. Haim: Forever

Thanks again for listening, don’t forget you can listen to the full show on the RTE player at any time..