Culture Cafe 23Last show of the year, great honour and opportunity to get on 2XM this year, thanks to Mark for giving me the chance and to you for listening. A special thanks also to everyone who I chatted to on the show, without you there wouldn’t be a show. Thanks

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads

2. Dot Rotten: Keep It On The Low

3. Chat with Zoe Keers, Manager of National Youth Orchestra of Ireland

4. Maverick Sabre: No One

5. Chat with Aidan

6. Aidan: Bells of The Morning

7. Chat with Michelle from Carosel

8. Carosel: Star

9. Nero: Reaching Out

10. Chat with Andrew Handrick

11. Andrew Handrick: Alibi

12. Caan: Now Hear This My Friends

Don’t forget you can listen to the full show at any time on the fancy RTÉ player.