Culture Cafe on RTE 2XM: Interview with Judy Collins

JudyCollins_FeatAs part of Show 99, in conjunction with Goldenplec.com, I had the opportunity to speak to a true legend, Judy Collins. Judy is playing in The Pavilion in Dun Laoghaire on June 18th.

This is the full unedited interview, along with an intro from the show itself. I met Judy in The Four Seasons hotel in Dublin, the room was empty apart from two chairs and a small round table. Judy was sitting on the chair to the left, I sat on the one on the right. Judy was loving her afternoon tea, so you’ll hear the clinking of cups during the interview, I preferred to have it like that, the recording device being less ‘in your face’, I believe, makes for a more relaxed chat.

She has some fantastic stories to tell, and I loved listening to her. Stick on the kettle, make a cuppa and enjoy.

Judy will also be inducted into the Irish American Hall of Fame this year as well as recording a television show for PBS in America which will feature Irish songs.