Culture Cafe on RTE 2XM 20/2/2013: Show 83


This week’s show is literally full to the brim. I chatted with Emily Elphinstone about the Collaborations Festival, James from Manchester band Delphic and I also spoke to Leszek Wolnik about two exhibitions running in The Copperhouse Gallery in Dublin. 10 Weeks and ‘When they put out their hands like scales’ both deal with plight of women who have traveled to the UK from Ireland for abortions. I’ve decided that I should include that in a podcast of it’s own, you’ll find it here.

In this podcast, you’ll hear me chat to Emily and to James, here’s the full list of what happened:

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. Chat with Emily Elphinstone about Collaborations Festival
3. Delpic: Baiya
4. Chat with James from Delphic (Part 1)
5. Delphic: Memo
6. Chat with James from Delphic (Part 2)
7. Delphic: Atlas
8. Audio Piece Submitted by Deirdre McGing to 10 Weeks
9. Chat with Leszek Wolnik (Part 1) about 10 Weeks and Emma Campbell’s When the put their hands out like scales.
10. Ani DiFranco: Amendment
11. Chat with Leszek Wolnik (Part 2)

Culture Cafe 83I really hope you enjoyed this week’s show, personally I’m not sure there’s anywhere else I’d be able to put together such a diverse show as this. It’s days like today, I have to thank RTE 2XM for the platform they have given me.

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