Culture Café // Episode 2 // David Gilna

For Episode 2 of Culturé Cafe, I wanted to speak to someone on the rise, someone who is working their way up, getting their name out there, getting places. That person is David Gilna, a London based Irish playwright, actor, producer and now author, and someone whose positivity knows no bounds.

David’s Story

David was kind enough to tell us about his latest play ‘My Bedsit Window’, being hit by lighting and how it led him to write a play ‘The Gift of Lightning’ which is is now being turned into a full length feature film by Blue Pip Productions.

David is such a positive person, and he has written an ebook ‘50 Lightning Tips About The Entertainment Business – Change Your Life Today‘ which you can get on Amazon. Reading this and speaking to David, it’s not hard to see why he sometimes runs motivational events for the entertainment industry.

David also speaks about the three projects he is currently working on. A fantastic young artist with such a fantastic outlook.

I might be biased but it’s well worth a listen!

To find out more about David, you can visit his website DavidGilna.com