Culture Café // Episode 1 // Beth Nielsen Chapman

At Last!

It’s finally here! Episode 1 of the all new Culture Café podcast. Thanks for visiting what will hopefully be the first of many podcasts.

For the first episode, I’m delighted to have been joined by singer/songwriter, Beth Nielsen Chapman, who besides releasing 12 albums in her own right, has written music for Willie Nelson, Elton John, Neil Diamond and Martina McBride amongst others. ‘This Kiss’, which was co written by Beth and recorded by Faith Hill earned her a Grammy nomination and also ASCAP’s Songwriter of the Year 1999 and Nashville’s Nammy’s Songwriter of the Year.

For more information about Beth you can visit her website

Photograph of Beth from her website.

The Beginning

If you haven’t heard of Culture Café before, it started as a radio show on in 2009. In 2011 Culture Café moved to RTÉ 2XM, where it was broadcast weekly on National D.A.B. radio in Ireland.

I moved to London in the Summer of 2013 and although I tried, it’s hard to do a arts and culture radio show meant for one country when you’re living in another one. While I decided to continue presenting The London Ear, a music show, on RTE 2XM, Culture Café was put on the back burner.

But I missed it too much, I love speaking to artists about their work, whether it be photographers, writers, painters, actors, festival organisers. So here it is, Culture Café is back, now speaking to one person every week, giving them a voice to share their art and creations all in the time it takes to sit down, relax and have a proper cup of coffee.

Thanks for dropping by, thanks for listening.

Nessy x