Culture Cafe: April 8 2010

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Episode 26.

DCU was mental last night.. the elections really brought a special buzz to the place.

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. Ming Tea: BBC
3.Holy Roman Army: Skinny Love (recommended Free Legal Download available from
4. Hadouken: Mic Check
5. Villagers: Pieces
6. Chat and Live Track from DC Tempest
7. Von Bizmark: Address The Silence
8. Jill Sobule: I Kissed A Girl
9. Chat with Cian Walsh aka Toy Soldier from a busy Cork airport
10. Toy Soldier: Wild One
11. Don Williams: You’re My Best Friend (For My Mammy and Daddy who celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary yesterday, its Mam’s favourite song)

And so the studio was invaded again by election people.. Time for me to go home..

Photos next..

L-R: Nessy, DC Tempest
L-R: Nessy, DC Tempest