Culture Cafe: April 1 2010

nessy elavator

Episode 24.

Here’s what went down last night! The studio was invaded at one point by Russell James – seemingly his own show isn’t big enough for him 😛

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads (Culture Theme)
2. Neon Indian: Sleep Paralasyst (Recommended Free Legal Download available from Here
3. Chat with Chris Maher from
4. Von Bizmark: Address the Silence
5. Chat with Elavator
6. Elavator: Fly Away (Live)
7. Elavator: Wandering Man (Live)
8. Looking Out for Number One (Live)
9. Vampire Weekend: Giving Up The Gun
10. Interview / chat with DCUfm’s Russell James, who is working for the college elections

That was a larf!

Nessy Elavator Barack
L to R: Nessy, Elavator, Barack Obama