Culture Cafe on DCUfm 7/10/2010

Culture CafeOops I forgot to put the playlist for Episode 37. Here’s what went down..

1. Crossroads: DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick
2. Everything Everything: Photoshop Handsome
3. Babybeef: Thunderstruck
4. Chat with DCUfm’s Love Bytes’ Dervla and Mixtape’s Enda about their new shows.
5. Sweet Jane: Close Your Eyes
6. Interview with O Emperor (thanks to Goldenplec)
7. O Emperor: Don Quixote
8. Ou Est La Swimming Pool: These new Knights
9. Hurts: Wonderful Life
10. The Gorgeous Colours: Animal
11. Chat with Neil from The Gorgeous Colours
12. The Gorgeous Colours: The Creatures Down Below
13. Fight Like Apes: Lend Me Your Face