Culture Cafe 3/12/09

We had a special extended episode of Culture Cafe tonight. No one came for the 8pm show so we went on!

In a very chilly goldfish bowl we had some great fun with Conor Furlong, Staf from House of Dolls, Dave from Sanskrit and chatted to Karen from Cowboy X and James from Frantic Jack on the phone..

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads

2. Them Crooked Vultures: New Fang

3. Chat with Conor Furlong including Are you Gonna Sleep Tonight (live)

4. Conor Furlong: Wrong

5. House of Dolls: Gimme Some Glory

6. Chat with Staf from House of Dolls

7. House of Dolls: Before She Wakes

8. Chat with Karen from Cowboy X

9. Cowboy X: Analogue Droids

10. Yeasayer: Ambling Alp

11. Chat with Dave from Sanskrit including We are not the Same (live)

12. Sanskrit: Carnivore

13. Frantic Jack: Free

14.The Aftermath: The Power of Love

15. VHS or Beta: Feel It When You Know (LA Riots Remix)

16. David Turpin: Dorothy Gale

17. Big Pink: Dominos

18.Vampire Weekend: Horchata

19. Noah and the Whale: Love of an Orchestra

20. Ivan St John:  This is how we play

21. George Michael: December Song ( I Dreamed of Christmas)

22. The Temper Trap: Sweet Disposition

23. Florence and the Machine: You Got the Love

24. Adam Lambert: For Your Entertainment

25. Christophe Willem: Double Je

26.Taken By Trees: Sweet Child Of Mine..

And so I decided to go home.. its too cold in the goldfish bowl!